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HOW TO GET HERE: From the Los Cabos Airport intersection, drive north on Hwy #1 toward La Paz for 30 miles (49 km). At the village of Las Cuevas, take the right-hand turn toward La Ribera. There is a blue highway sign that says LA RIBERA, CABO PULMO. If you are coming from La Paz, you will pass through several small towns, El Triumfo, San Antonio, San Bartolo (in season, they sell incredible oranges and mangos here so DO buy some!), Los Barrilles and Buena Vista. After leaving Buena Vista, you will drive for about ten (10) more minutes. Just before reaching Las Cuevas, you will cross a very wide “vado” with a brand new, very long spanned bridge and see a blue highway sign that says LA RIBERA, CABO PULMO to the left. Drive east from Las Cuevas toward La Ribera, through the town of Santa Cruz, toward the ocean for 6.5 miles (10.5 km). Just before you enter the town of La Ribera, the road Y’s at a shrine and the town’s soccer field and stadium. Take the right-hand Y, which takes you southward. In about 10 miles (16 km) the pavement ends and becomes the well-traveled dirt beach road taking you the last 5 or 6 miles (approx 10 km) to Cabo Pulmo. The approach into Cabo Pulmo is spectacular. Three miles (5 km) before Cabo Pulmo you’ll drive by an old green house to the right of the roadway. The road then follows the ocean until it climbs up the hill or “pass” which overlooks Cabo Pulmo Bay. As you drop down off the hill into Bahia Cabo Pulmo, the vista is outstanding. You’ll see Cabo Pulmo Point on the left, fingers of the coral reefs branching out into the ocean, the village of Cabo Pulmo below you and the mountain of Punta Los Frailes three miles to the south. The first two establishments you come to are Tito’s Bar and Pepe’s Dive Center both on the right. There is an “Entrance” sign for VILLA & CASA DEL MAR on the left opposite Pepe’s Dive Center, at the property corner with El Cabellero Restaurant. Follow the signs for VILLA & CASA DEL MAR toward the ocean.

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WHERE TO MEET: When you reach Cabo Pulmo, follow the VILLA & CASA DEL MAR sign  posted at the corner with El Cabellero Restaurant, which will take you right to the homes. Go through our gated private entrance, the brown metal double gates (CLOSE THE GATE AFTER YOURSELF!). There are free-range cattle and horses that will come through any open gates and eat the landscaping, so it’s important to ALWAYS close gates in Baja. Follow our private drive toward the ocean (about 300 feet). EL NIDO is located on the right-hand side of the semi-private driveway with EL NIDO’s parking straight ahead. To reach VILLA & CASA DEL MAR, you will veer slightly left and continue another 60 feet. VILLA DEL MAR parking is through the big double decorative-iron, turquoise gates. CASA DEL MAR parking is on the right, just outside the main gates for VILLA DEL MAR, with it’s own private entrance and walkway.


Baja Paradise’s VILLA & CASA DEL MAR and EL NIDO

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