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Do I have to worry about hurricanes?

NOT USUALLY! Most tropical storms you hear about from the Weather Channel in the East Pacific never reach landfall on the Baja Peninsula. The season for the possibility of hurricanes that might effect Cabo Pulmo is the six-week time-frame from the last week of August through the first-week of October. Historically, Baja often goes ten years without a major storm, then will get several storms in a row, although most storms stay several hundred miles out in the ocean, just sending waves to shore. An occasional storm makes landfall in Baja. If you are staying with us and a government Hurricane Watch or Warning is posted, and you decide to return to the USA, you may come back and use the un-used portion of your pre-paid stay at a later date, within one year of your hurricane-caused departure. During Watches & Warnings, the airlines usually allow you to change your tickets and depart on a space-available basis with no ticket change fees. While VILLA & CASA DEL MAR were under construction, a hurricane passed 35 miles east, out in the ocean, which traveled up the Sea of Cortez and made landfall at Guaymas and the Mexican mainland. As a result of our experience, we’ve installed roll-down hurricane shutters VILLA & CASA DEL MAR that close up the entire property in ten minutes and can withstand 140 m.p.h. winds. So if you wanted to stay during a storm, you could!

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