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Do I need special documents for travel to Mexico?

YES! The USA requires that all American citizens who are entering the USA to have valid US Passports. If you don’t have a passport, take advantage of the national Passport Office’s rush service and you’ll get your documents in several days instead of many weeks. Plan ahead so that you are not still waiting for your passport when it’s time to leave for Mexico. SPECIAL NOTE FOR SINGLE PARENTS WITH MINOR CHILDREN & ANYONE TRAVELING WITH A MINOR CHILD FROM ANOTHER FAMILY: Mexico requires an original, notarized letter from the non-present, second parent stating that the children with you are yours, and that you have permission from your not-present spouse to travel outside the USA with you. If you are taking someone else’s under-age child along with you, you will need a notarized letter of permission from both of the child’s parents. Your airline will ask for this letter when you check-in for your flight. They are usually quite diligent about this detail because they will receive huge fines from the Mexican government if they are caught with minor-children on board who don’t have one or both parents with them. Be sure to have this letter with you at all times.

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