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Should I take a taxi or rent a car to reach Cabo Pulmo?

RENT A CAR! While you can take a taxi, it’s a fairly expensive proposition, costing as much as, if not more, than renting a car, each way, and you’d need to trust your taxi driver would return for you at the appointed time and date, as there are no stand-by taxis in Cabo Pulmo for the return. We suggest you rent a car at the airport for the duration of your stay as it will cost less and offer flexibility. All major car rental companies offer rentals of all types right at the airport. We recommend you make your car rental reservations in the USA and take a hard-copy confirmation of your rental with you. Air conditioned cars are not necessary in winter and early spring but are a must during hot months. Rates vary widely, so compare the BASE rates, without taxes and insurance. Save on collision and comp insurance by using a Gold or Platinum credit card that includes collision and comp insurance in Mexico. Be sure to verify with your credit card company as far as rental card auto insurance in Mexico. You MUST purchase Mexican liability insurance for your rental car from the rental car company in order to be covered in Mexico. Your USA insurance or credit card insurance will NOT cover you.

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