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Diving & Snorkeling In Cabo Pulmo

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Cabo Pulmo is famous for scuba diving and snorkeling. Because of Cabo Pulmo’s spectacular living coral reefs, an abundance of sea life in just waiting for you to come and take a look. The reef system has been protected since 1995 when the area became Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park.

Discovery News Writes: 

“the most successful marine reserve in the world.”

— Established in 1995, Mexico’s Cabo Pulmo Marine National Park is slightly more than 7,000 hectares of coastal waters in the Gulf of California, offshore from the small village of Cabo Pulmo. … The reserve is no more than 5 kilometers (3 miles) wide and measures just 14 kilometers (almost 9 miles) north to south. And yet its impact on the marine life within it, such as these Devil Rays, has been profound – so much so that researchers have dubbed it “the most successful marine reserve in the world.” Click HERE to read the article from Discovery News.

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Scripps Institution Of Oceanography Writes:

“Hidden Baja Undersea Park is the World’s Most Robust Marine Reserve”

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Gulf of California’s Cabo Pulmo, protected by locals, rebounds as a biological ‘hot spot’ flourishing with marine life.  To read more, click HERE.

National Geographic Writes:

“An Ocean Miracle in the Gulf of California – Can We Have More of This, Please?”

For generations we have been taking fish out of the ocean at a rate faster than they can reproduce. The problem is that there are fewer and fewer fish to meet an ever-increasing demand. The solution is simply to take less so that we can continue eating fish for a longer time.  To read more, click HERE.

There are four local scuba operations in Cabo Pulmo…The largest and most complete scuba outfitter in Cabo Pulmo (#1 on list below) is also the only 5-Star PADI dive operation in Cabo Pulmo…

cabo pulmo dive center#1 – Cabo Pulmo Dive Center is Cabo Pulmo’s only 5-Star PADI Dive Operation. Owner Operators are locals Cole Barrymore (son of Cabo Pulmo’s developer Dick Barrymore) and Cabo Pulmo native Maribel Castro Barrymore. The Cabo Pulmo Dive Center has the only swimming pool in Cabo Pulmo, used for check-dives and some PADI dive courses. Cabo Pulmo Dive Center also offers Nitrox and a wide array of excellent scuba and snorkel equipment. Multiple dive boats, each manned by an experienced local captain and experienced PADI dive master or instructor, launch multiple trips daily in front of VILLA DEL MAR accessed from their private beach road access. Cabo Pulmo Dive Center is located in the 2-story turquoise building that also houses Coral Reef Restaurant (great meals offered here) and the Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort office. Advance reservations are appreciated but not required. Be sure to request the 10% discount on dive services offered to BAJA PARADISE guests. Credit Cards are accepted. Website:;  From the USA call: 562-366-0722 or 562-366-0398; From Mexico call (624) 14-10726.

#2 – Cabo Pulmo Diving is owned and operated by Pilu (Spanish) and Henri (Dutch), both PADI dive instructors. Henri and Pilu are lovely people and offer a small boutique dive experience with small groups. Diving  is by advance reservation so please plan ahead!  If you’re new to scuba diving, with advance notice, Pilu may be able provide one-on-one service.

#3 – Cabo Pulmo Sport Center (aka Cabo Pulmo Divers) is owned by local Castro Family members. We have not recently dived with Cabo Pulmo Sport Center and can’t personally vouch for the dive masters so check it out.

#4 – Cabo Pulmo Water Sports is owned by local Ricardo Castro Senior and his American backer, operated by local Ricardo Castro (son of Ricardo Sr.). We have never dived with Cabo Pulmo Water Sports and have no info on their dive masters so check it out.

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