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Surfing | cabo pulmoThe beaches in Cabo Pulmo Bay are protected by the living coral reefs of Cabo Pulmo National Park, so the immediate Cabo Pulmo area is not known for its surfing.  That said, there are still surfing waves to be found nearby.

Summer offers the favored conditions for surfing. Offshore winds are from the west northwest with some shelter from north winds. Groundswells are more common than wind swells and the ideal swell direction is from the south. Beach breaks offer both left and right hand waves.


Closest Break: El Rincon – This is a sheltered right break from the south wind. With a big swell from the southeast, this break is very close to Cabo Pulmo. It works at times but needs to be surfed by fairly experiences surfers due to the rocky shoreline. Summer offers the best conditions for this area. It’ a rare location. (3 mi North)

Second Closest Break: Sand Dunes – This beach break offers both left and right waves. Rarely works but if it does then you are usually the only one out! 15 minutes to the south.

Third Closest Break: Punta Perfecta – Is a 35 minute drive to the south on the dirt road. It’s a fairly exposed beach right point break that has consistent surf. Summer and Fall offers the optimum conditions for surfing. When this goes off it can be really big and fun. The waves are not too powerful however. Hard to access from the beach. Watch the tide on this one. Make sure that you time the high tides or you won’t be able to get out for a while.

Fourth Closet Break: 9-Palms – This area is one of the most popular on the East Cape. It’s a right point-break that sports an easy paddle-out unless it’s really big. Generally you can find smaller surf on the inside for the kids and beginners and intermediates. long boards are fun here. The surfers here are so generous and commonly give waves up for you.


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