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Where To Buy Groceries


Cabo Pulmo has two tiny markets. One is located at the south end of the village area near Alicia’s Take-Out. Le Cabellero Restaurant keeps a shelf of non-perishable items to purchase. Both are only semi-stocked even  in high season, with little fresh produce, and not adequate to provide “real” grocery shopping. In low season, you’ll find mostly non-perishable items. So we recommend you shop in town before heading out to Cabo Pulmo so insure that you have the selection of goods that you may want while in Cabo Pulmo. Cash only.


After you have rented your car, plan to stop at one the American-style supermarkets in nearby San Jose del Cabo to stock up. There are three large markets to choose from where you’ll find an excellent selection of anything and everything you’ll need with lots of American brands to choose from.

#1 – SORIANOS, SAN JOSE DEL CABO  This wonderful new super market is very close to the airport and the easiest market to shop in before you head out to Cabo Pulmo.  From the airport, at the intersection of Highway #1, turn right toward San Jose del Cabo.  Sorianos isabout 5-km further down the road next door to City Club (which is easily visitble from the highway).  Credit cards accepted.

#2 – MEGA, SAN JOSE DEL CABO Take the toll road from the airport to the south end of San Jose del Cabo (very quick but you pay a toll at the end) and shop at Mega. From the airport, just as you exit the row of rental car agencies, look up and to your left. You will see a highway sign that says “CUOTA”. Cuota means toll, so that’s the toll road. It goes around the airport to the north and then west and avoids all major traffic on the main 4- lane road into San Jose del Cabo. You pay the toll (about US$2.00) just as the road ends at Highway #1. You will see Mega as you exit the toll road. Credit cards accepted.

#3 – COSTCO, CABO SAN LUCAS  Yes, there is an American-style Costco in Cabo San Lucas. We rarely bother shopping there because it’s almost an hour’s drive from the airport (in the wrong direction from Cabo Pulmo) to Cabo San Lucas, then an approximate two hour drive from Costco to Cabo Pulmo. Just like in the USA, you still have to purchase food in large quantities,. So for a short stay, unless you have large group, it’s really not worth the trouble to shop at Costco. If you decide you want to shop there, follow the instructions for MEGA under #2, and after you pay the toll and exit onto Highway #1, turn right and drive south for about a half-hour or so. Costco is on your right just before you get to Cabo San Lucas near Home Depot. Credit cards accepted.


#1 – CHAPITO’S, LOS BARRILLES  Sometimes when we arrive and don’t feel like dealing with the large stores or the city atmosphere or city traffic, and we still want a reasonable food selection, we just shop in Los Barrilles which is on the way to Cabo Pulmo (but with a 10-mile each way detour) to Chapito’s Store. If you opt for this shopping experience, you will miss all the San Jose del Cabo crowds and see a little bit more of Mexico. Exit the airport and drive north on Highway #1 as if you were going to Cabo Pulmo. At Las Cuevas, do NOT turn right toward La Ribera and Cabo Pulmo, but continue across the long bridge over the large arroyo and drive 10-miles to Buena Vista and Los Barrilles. You will know you are in Los Barrilles, when you round the nose of a mountain that overlooks the ocean to the right and there is a huge, green-grass area below. The road takes you in a long, left-hand 180-degree turn.  Once finished turning you are in Los Barrilles and the main entrance street is a hard, righthand turn. Chapito’s Store is on your left a couple of blocks down the street. If you want an early dinner before heading back to the Las Cuevas turn to Cabo Pulmo, Tio Pablo’s Restaurant offers excellent food. Continue down the main street until the road dead ends at the Hotel Palmas De Cortez. Turn left, drive one block and you’ll find Tio Pablo’s on the left. Credit cards accepted.

#2 – EL REY, LA RIBERA For a short stay in Cabo Pulmo, you can probably find everything you will need in La Ribera at EL REY. The owners of this market have continually upgraded their offerings and now have a cold-case for fresh meats and another for vegetables and dairy products. Even if we’ve already shopped in Los Cabos or Los Barrilles, we always stop here for a cold beer and a few grocery items as we want to encourage these very nice folks to keep up their excellent market. EL REY is on the road to Cabo Pulmo. After you taken the right-hand Y toward Cabo Pulmo at the La Ribera soccer field, EL REY is about another half mile on the right. Cash only.


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