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Eating Out In Cabo Pulmo

There are six restaurants in Cabo Pulmo offering a variety of fare at a variety of prices.  We suggest you take plenty of cash with you as the only restaurant that takes credit cards in Cabo Pulmo is the Coral Reef Restaurant. The remaining restaurants are cash only. It’s a common misunderstanding that eating out in Mexico is dirt cheap. While one can find inexpensive places to eat in the city, or at road-side food carts, Cabo Pulmo is in a rural village and all supplies must be driven out from the city, an hour-and-a-half to two-hour drive each way, so the cost of these supply trips must be factored into restaurant pricing.  Most restaurant pricing starts a mid-range and goes up from there depending upon restaurant and menu item. Each restaurant is usually closed one-day-per-week to make supply trips to the city, so if one restaurant is not open, several of the others will be. During summer months, the restaurants frequently have additional closed days as business is slower than in the popular winter months, but there’s always one or more restaurants open for business.


cabo pulmo restaurant


#1 – CORAL REEF RESTAURANT Our very favorite restaurant in Cabo Pulmo, it’s in the 2-story turquoise building on the 2nd floor of the Cabo Pulmo Dive Center building offering beautiful mountain and ocean views.  Open for lunch and dinner.  Mid-range pricing.  Coral Reef Bar is a great place for Happy Hour and for watching favorite sports events on a large, flat-screen satellite TV.   Credit cards accepted.  Click HERE to view Coral Reef’s menu


El Cabellero enchiladas


#2 – EL CABELLERO RESTAURANT Our second most favorite restaurant in Cabo Pulmo, it’s located on the main north-south road you came in on at the turn-in to our villas.  EL CABELLERO offers strictly Mexican fare and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  We really enjoy having breakfast here and they pour a delicious cup of coffee. Mid-range pricing. Cash only.  Click HERE to view El Cabellero’s Menu


La Palapa tacos


#3 – LA PALAPA RESTAURANTA great place for fish tacos and a cold Corona, it’s located right on the beach at the south end of Cabo Pulmo village. A trip to Cabo Pulmo isn’t complete without having lunch here. Open for lunch, sometimes for dinner. Mid-range pricing. Cash only.


Tito's margarita



# 4- TITO’S BAR & RESTAURANTLocated on the north-south road you came in on, Tito’s Bar is an institution with their killer Margarita. Open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.  Their weekly Saturday night buffet is a “don’t-miss” event if you’re in Cabo Pulmo on a Saturday. We recommend that you let Tito’s know ahead of time that you’re coming to the Saturday night buffet so they save you a table. Midrange pricing. Cash only.  Click HERE to view Tito’s menu.


Alicia's burrito


# 5 – ALICIA’S TAKE-OUT & CATERING SERVICE –Offering home-style Mexican fare, Alicia is a superb cook and can prepare your favorite Mexican dishes for pre-ordered TAKE OUT (order by noon for 5:00 PM pickup).  With advance planning, Alicia can deliver to your villa for self-service; or she can provide in-villa catering and table service.  Alicia is located at the very south end of Cabo Pulmo,  inland from La Palapa Restaurant. Food is reliably good. Mid-range pricing. Cash only.  Click HERE to view Alicia’s menu. Rates will vary based on quantity ordered and service requested.


Nancy's Restaurant



#6 – NANCY’S RESTAURANT Nancy’s was the first restaurant in Cabo Pulmo, opened to service the divers who came to dive with Cabo Pulmo’s first commercial dive operation, Pepe’s Dive Center (long closed). Nancy’s is located west of our villas on the road to our outer entrance gate. The menu can be eclectic and changes daily, thus no set menu to browse here.  Pricing is mid-range and up.  Cash only.   


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